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Concerning a case in which I lost consciousness and fell while walking. [ふつうの日記]

2023年 8月1日(火) 晴れ
午前 区役所へ行く途中、歩道の植え込みで見かけたデュランタをスナップ。 この 1分後に悲劇がおきました。
区役所の近くのイタリアンのお店で、キャベツとブロッコリーとカラスミのペペロンチーノのランチセットでした。 アイスコーヒー付き。
午後 区役所の帰りに[雨]ゲリラ雷雨があり、[雷]雷が落ちそうで怖かったです。 ゲリラ雷雨なので日傘で区役所から歩いては帰れずに、GOアプリでタクシーを呼んで帰宅しました。
スーパーで安売りの鉄火丼、焼き鳥(皮×2 塩、ねぎま×2 たれ)、冷奴でした。
鉄火丼は切り落としたクズなので、ふつうの鉄火丼の 2倍のまぐろがのっていました。 みてくれは悪くても味は同じです。 焼き鳥は、魚グリルで再加熱してアツアツを日本酒のアテにしました。
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Concerning a case in which I lost consciousness and fell while walking.

I was walking on the sidewalk with a parasol on my head on an errand to the ward office. I was walking on the sidewalk when I lost consciousness for a very short time and fell on the roadway. I felt pain in my right elbow and right knee, but I did not understand what had occurred and remained motionless for about a minute. A worker who was doing construction nearby approached me and asked, "Are you okay?" I was able to get up on my own, so I said, "I'm fine," and the worker left.

I looked at my right elbow, which was in pain, and saw a contusion and sand on the wound. I found a vending machine nearby and bought some natural water to rinse the sand from the wound.
I looked around and found a doctor's office, so I asked the nurse to apply a bandage to protect the wound as first aid.

I went to the ward office and then took a cab home. After returning home, I disinfected the wound with isodine and applied "Dexan VG ointment" (ingredients: antibiotic and steroid) that I had at home.
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I concluded my treatment by applying a bandage to the wound and wrapping it with an elastic bandage. Although my contusion is minor, the cause of my loss of consciousness for a very short time is unknown and this is worrying.


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